Your pesky pest inspection questions answered

What happens in a Timber pest inspection?

The pest inspection is a visual inspection of the internal and external of the building for any evidence of termite and other timber pest activity. Our technician is looking for evidence of dry rot damage or moisture conditions that could lead to termites.


What does a Timber pest inspection cover?

A timber pest inspection is conducted by a trained and experience pest inspection which covers the grounds around the building, all trees within the grounds, the buildings external and internal and all timber in service. The inspection covers conditions conducive to timber pests, non-durable timer which has come in contact with the grounds or exposed to weather. The inspector is looking for signs for termites, wood decay, mould, borers and fungi.


How often should you have a pest inspection?

It is recommended that every building be inspected at least every 12 months. Pest prevention is the best form of pest control (unless the building is deemed to be high risk of timber pest attack by a licenced pest inspector). If you live in an area where pests, such as termites, are common, please consider reducing the time between inspections, to every six months.


If I am a renter, who should pay for the pest inspection?

If you have an approved pet at your rental property, it is your responsibility as a renter to have a treatment for fleas and ticks prior to you departing the premises. It is the responsibility of the owner/real estate to have the house inspected after the pest inspection is complete. Total Pest Management work with a number of real estate agents and carpet cleaning companies across Townsville and more than happy to work with them to make it convenient to you. 


Do pest inspectors go inside?

The Total Pest Management team, need to gain access to all areas of the property including the internal, external and the roof void.


Should you get a pest inspection before you leave a premises?

It is recommended that a timber pest inspection be conducted every 12 months. If you have a pet and leaving the property it is your responsibility to have a treatment for fleas and ticks prior to you departing the premises.


How long do you have to stay out of your house after a pest control service?

For any pest treatment it is recommended that you stay away from the treated area until the treatment is dry or the area has been ventilated, this could take between 1-2 hours.  


How do you clean your house after a pest control and pesticides?

No there is no need to clean your house after the treatment. This is because the pesticides are applicated to pest harbourages,  racks and crevices in the home.

Preparing for a pest spray

How do I prepare for a pest inspection?

For an inspection the homeowner only needs to give reasonable access to all areas in an around the building. There are no specific preparations needed, however if you want to make the most out of your pest inspection here are our top five pest prep tips to help you get prepared.

  1. Move large furniture and appliances away from walls. Even if you haven’t spotted any pests around these areas. This is not only a good opportunity to clean around this area, but it gives the pest controller an opportunity to check for signs of recent activity. It is best to leave your furniture at least half a metre away from the wall.

  2. Wash your floor and vacuum your carpets. All floors need to be thoroughly cleaned to remove visible pest nests, pests and eggs. Don’t forget to try and vacuum in the nooks and crevices your house.

  3. Relocate cages, aquariums and remove pet beds before receiving a pest treatment. This includes, fish tanks, bird, insect or snake cages.

  4. Put your food and drink items away including kitchen appliances. Anything that is left out uncovered after a pest inspection has been completed will need to be rewashed to remove any pest control treatment residue.

  5. Take note of where you have seen those annoying pests even these smallest of infestations, this is particularly useful for ants as they can spread fast. Take particular note if you have noticed a few cockroaches at night time as well.

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